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The five rolling production line in Zhaoqing Hongwang is currently the first smooth operation line of the eighteen rolls five strip technique in China.The success of the project fills the gaps in multi-roll cold rolling technology in China.The high efficiency and high quality multi-roll rolling technique will be successfully used into upcoming production lines of Fujian Hongwang and Shandong Hongwang.As of 2016,the annual output of Hongwang Grop will reach 2,500,000 tons. The target will lay a solid foundation for the future development of Hongwang.

The industry’s most advanced equipment,mastery of technology and tracking service are the best guarantee to provide clients with high quality products.

Clean and spacious workshops,safe and comfortable working environment offer every employee with mental and physical pleasure,so they are full of passion and pride to work.In Hongwang,every employee aim at gives full play to their talents and create maximum value for customers.

Hongwang comprehensively promote the modern management idea of quality mangement and implement quality focus operating system.We use advanced surface detection equipment to conduct scientific testing and quality control on the product.We strive to achieve excellence on every process and provide superb quality.

Hongwang fromed a strategic supply partnership with well-known steel enterprises such as Qingshan Group,Jinguang Group,Beihai Chengde Group,Shangdong Shengyang Group,etc.Hongwang build a integrated marketing network nationwide as well as abroad.We have sales centres in areas like Foshan,Wuxi,Chengdu,etc,which are the dometic largest steel center;this provide good opportunities to satisfy customers demand and follow-up service.