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The 2017 semi-annual work summary meeting of Hongwang Group

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Subject: The 2017 semi-annual work summary meeting of Hongwang Group
Location: Zhaoqing Hongwang
Time: 8th Jul, 2017


The 2017 semi-annual work summary meeting of Hongwang Group was held in Zhaoqing Hongwang on Jul 8th. Mr. Gao Zhice, the vice president, hosted the meeting. Following senior management attended the meeting:
Name:     Title:
Dai,Cuhui The president and chairman
Zhu,Jiqiao The vice president
Dai,Zehui The vice president
Liu,Wei The vice president and CFO 

The management team from all subsidiaries present their 2017 semi-annual work summary and proposed second half year work schedule and objectives. Moreover, brief measures in order to solve the existed problems. President Cuhui Dai raised the requirements and tasks for senior management along with a summary and comment. Several resolutions were announced by group management committee: Huidan Liu is promoted as a member of Group Management Committee and General Manager of Technical & Quality Department; beside, there are 7 staff such as Naiqiao Wu(head office), Guangfa Zhou (Fujian Hongwang), Shijian Li, Feng Li, Mengyao Zhu, Mingling Wang, Yanli Wu(Shandong Hongwang) promoted as supervisor respectively. Jia Yu from head office, Shurong Deng, and Wei Hu promoted as the vice supervisor; Meanwhile, a notice of commendation for supervisor named Yuan Chen and Weicun Dai has been announced. 

Finally, President made an important speech. He pointed out the second phase construction in Shandong Hongwang has achieved in the second quarter. Construction for 2nd phase in Fujian Hongwang will become our key task in the third quarter. The domestic main production line construction will come to an end temporally upon the completion of phase 2 construction in Fujian Hongwang. The subsequent target is to improve the overall quality and competitiveness of our employees, especially, the competitiveness of management team. We need to strength the internal standardized management, and to improve the service, administrative as well as supervisory function of the headquarters. He emphasized the importance of being a service-oriented head office and to provide the functional guidance as well as two-way management to the subsidiaries. The group will focus on the product quality and service, to enhance/improve the degrees of customer stratification.


Product quality is the entrepreneur spirit, technology and quality department shall lead to do a good job regarding product quality. While providing the excellent production service, the quality and operational standards shall be developed. In the meantime, to reinforce the technology and quality team by selecting a number of technical personnel to enrich technical quality team, so to provide a strong technical and service assurance for HONGWANG brand. 

The group has completed the domestic regional distribution according to the strategic planning, which has a significant advantage both in quantity and location to address and respond the market change. Excellent quality is the key task of our subsequent stage. We should try our endeavor to provide the cost-effective product and great service to our customers. We should also require management personnel at all levels to strengthen the learning and communication skills, to catch the sight of our own merits and to face our weaknesses with a clear realization. Professionalism is the essential part for management level, to those who can find problems and offer corresponding solutions can reflect their comprehensive ability. 

The management must pay close attention to the condition of our staff, to provide a stage to study, communication and all kinds of activities in order to encourage team cohesion. 

The group will develop scientific assessment mechanism to better reflect the actual value of staff at all levels. We hope by implementing the reasonable incentives to mobilize everyone’s enthusiasm and initiative. In the end, President expect that everyone can arrange their work around the customer service, continuously improve the quality and play their own strength, working together  to achieve a prosperous future for Hongwang.